We offer a full range of gardening and landscaping services at reasonable rates. From basic weeding, hedge trimming, tree pruning, topping , removal, irrigation, water features, and more, to completely overhauling your yard, you can count on us to keep your garden looking great.


If you need help in your garden

but are intimidated by big

companies who will bulldoze their

way in to your life with the

expectation that you will be getting

a bank loan, forget it! We can do

any project, big or small, under

budget and your expectations will

be superseded by quality work

and quality materials.

From the initial planning stage through to the final completion my goal is to find the most economical way to create a garden that you will be proud of and will enjoy for years to come.


Kathy’s Small Garden Co. all evolved quite naturally for me. I have always been a gardener.

Kathy Moradian