About Us

If you need help in your garden but are intimidated by big companies who will bulldoze their way in to your life with the expectation that you will be getting a bank loan, forget it! We can do any project, big or small, under budget and your expectations will be superseded by quality work and quality materials.


Myself and those who work with me all want to see you smile and to see your property rise in value. Smart Money magazine suggested that spending 5 % of your home’s value on landscaping could yield a return of 150% or more.


Having lived on the North Shore my whole life I am very aware of which plants do well in this climate zone. From the initial planning stage through to the final completion, our goal is to find the most economical way to create a garden that you will be proud of for years to come.


I have my own backyard nursery, I have a certificate in master gardening and I have staff skilled and trained in laying down sod, pruning trees, and WEEDING (not just taking the tops but getting to the ROOT of the matter.) Also we are great at CONTAINERS for your patio or deck. We love to remove front yard lawns and turn them into living gardens that require less maintenance than what a lawn would take to mow every two weeks.


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